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Tax Services From an Accountant in Hazard

Jack L. Amburgey P.S.C. is a dedicated CPA who offers assistance to both individuals and businesses. Please contact us today about our services!
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We Offer Payroll Services

If you own or operate a business, you know that meeting payroll is very important. After all, your employees depend on their paychecks to survive — and you need your employees to stay in business!

However, it can be difficult keep track of deductions, payment methods and more. So to make sure that you always meet payroll without a hitch, please count on Jack L. Amburgey P.S.C.

Expert Bookkeeping Help

Business owners have numerous obligations, from the need to satisfy clients to managing inventory. With so many demands upon your time, it may be difficult to stay on top of bookkeeping. 

Fortunately, instead of keeping the books entirely on your own, you can rely on Jack L. Amburgey P.S.C. and their bookkeeping expertise to serve your business.

Turn To Us For Tax Services

Would you like help with filing your taxes? Jack L. Amburgey P.S.C. can handle tax returns for both personal and business clients. 

Whether you're facing a complicated tax situation or you just want to make sure you're getting the appropriate IRS refund, trust our firm to assist you.
Call today for expert accounting help — you can reach us at (606) 439-2338!
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